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ACTIS stands for "Applied Counter-Terrorism, Terrorism, Intelligence & Security Studies". ACTIS is a branch of SMC University providing education, consultancy and research in the field of counter-terrorism, terrorism, intelligence and security.


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ACTIS has assembled a team of internationally renowned academics, practitioners and experts with professional, specialised expertise in the various sub-fields of security. Our team develops materials and content for educational courses and in doing so provides solutions for companies & executives, and solutions for professionals. They also provide consulting services under the auspices of ACTIS.

ACTIS cooperates with leading entities such as RUSI, the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies, in producing the courses. Our collaboration with RUSI ensures they are always relevant because they are built in collaboration with one of the world's leading authorities on security and defence threats.


ACTIS's main activity is the development of high quality certificate courses on topics such as terrorism, counter-terrorism, IT-security, corporate security, security engineering, profiling, crisis management, event security, preventive behaviour, social engineering, forensics, etc.

Our courses are split into two areas and thus provide:

  • Solutions for Companies & Executives and
  • Solutions for Professionals.

The first area of courses are suitable for decision makers within the corporate and public sector, diplomats, journalists, and the like, whereas our second area of courses provides security professionals & personnel of various types with the practical knowledge required for their work.

Security and Intelligence Consulting:

The ACTIS team also provides security consulting services including research and threat assessment, security planning, the implementation of security concepts, and live lectures. Consulting also includes the continual monitoring and supervising of implemented or existing security systems.

Tailor-Made Courses:

In addition to our standard courses, through our consultancy function we also develop tailor-made courses for clients where specific knowledge and expertise is required.

Daniel Neubauer

Daniel Neubauer: President - Actis

Richard Kemp, CBE

richard kemp
Advisor to the Executive Board